We're moving our tutorials to YouTube & keeping them FREE!

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime".
The lesson behind this is simple- It is more worthwhile to teach someone to do something than to do it for him. In the nearly two decades that I've been working as a professional retoucher & finishing artist I've had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing creative people. Art directors, world renown photographers, illustrators, designers and post production pioneers all had something amazing to share with me through their craft and through our combined efforts in pleasing our clients. These lessons were often times learned by making mistakes, but more often than not my mentors- my seniors- were there to lend their expertise and nudge me in the right direction allowing me to grow into the artist I soon became. Never giving the answers, but allowing me watch and to discover them on my own. Sharing concepts, theory and technique made the learning process interesting, palatable and quite valuable and it's because of these "lessons" that I've had the career success that I've enjoyed for so long. So, thanks to this new information age you won't have to sit behind a grumpy, old Wacom pusher and beg him or her for their secrets. You can sit back and watch a Pro-Torial, or Case Study and learn at your own pace.

We call them "Pro-Torials" because they're not your average, mom and pop Photoshop tutorial: No 3D text tricks or "turn your face into a cartoon" videos here, just real-world solutions to problems faced by working professionals. I, personally, created these videos to bring many of those old school studio techniques to light and help the new generation of photographer/retouchers gain the tools they'll need to compete in today's new digital environment.
We're making these videos available for free on our new Youtube Channel
The Pro-Torials

The Pro-torials are "one-off" videos that teach a specific technique or concept in a single video tutorial. Ranging from basic color correction to highly advanced compositing and masking. These Pro-Torials will answer a great many undiscovered questions in your own workflow. And because they're brief and accessible 24/7, you can take your time and review them at your own pace. These singular techniques were learned over many years of working in the field and most techniques are NOT taught in schools.

The Case Studies

The Case Studies are similar to the Pro-Torials in that they teach specific techniques and editing solutions. However, the difference lies in the size and scope of the subject matter and the need to present the topics in longer video presentations. These "case studies" are multi-video series' demonstrating creative and workflow solutions from start to finish. Topics include color correction, workflow, designing the digital workspace for better efficiency and less effort. Skin & beauty studies- where we start with a RAW image file, analyze, process, edit and deliver that same image polished and ready for delivery to the client. As well as expanding on each of the topics in the Pro-Torials section and more. Learning this way is almost as good as working directly with a seasoned artist and looking over their shoulder while they work- only now you get to rewind and start from the beginning. Truly, an exceptional way to learn your craft.

In the coming days we'll be offering more and more Pro-Torials, Case Studies & Journals to help you move forward with your career. Tweet us and let us know what's going on in your world. Maybe let us know what you're having trouble with in your workflow and we may just use your "obstacle" to create a Tutorial or Study. In the future we'll be looking to expand our community