Beauty Retouching: Skin Study #1

In my two decades in this business, I can honestly say that retouching skin has by far been the one topic of frustration for many a retoucher. With the new paradigm shift in the imaging world, a great many more young photographers have to do their own retouching and with that comes a new breed of frustrated artists. In this Case Study and in Skin Case Studies to follow, we'll be diving head first into the realm of skin. In this in depth series of videos I take an industry standard beauty image and retouch it from start to finish. From initial color and density settings we move on to taking inventory of what's needed to be done. We then start by adjusting all the problem areas of the image before moving on to the beauty retouching. Then comes the meat and potatoes of this series- beauty/skin retouching. In this series we use a subject with skin texture that I'll call an "average" skin type for the sake of argument. This means nothing terribly harsh, but the kind of skin you'll find in most professional beauty photography. We'll call this type of skin: Skin Level One. I start with the […]

Dodge & Burn Methods

So the questions at hand is simple...What exactly IS dodging and burning? Well if we ask Wikipedia we get something along these lines... "...A technique used during the printing process to manipulate the exposure of a selected area(s) on a photographic print"