Conrad’s Photoshop Workspace & Workflow Setup

Organization is key to productivity and knowing where your tools are and how to get to them quickly will not only save you time, but make you more money. So, let's talk configuration... My Palette Configuration Here I give you a visual representation of all the palettes I use in Photoshop and how I have them set up during my normal workflow. Constantly having to go to the file menu to search for often used tools is a huge waste of time when you can simply keep all your most used palettes open and available. If you've got the computer power and a little extra cash I HIGHLY recommend picking up a second monitor(I actually use 3). This multi-monitor setup allows you to work in your main window and keep your palettes and other tools and "distractions" in a separate window. My setup might not work for you, but I'm sure that seeing how I work will definitely give you some perspective. Work better!     My Layers Palette In a previous video I went back in time to share with you how different the world was back in 1996 when I first started in Photoshop. Single undo and no […]