Dodge & Burn Methods Comparison

In this 7 minute tutorial I touch on the two main methods for dodging and burning skin in Photoshop. A MUST VIEW for anyone working in beauty photography or seeking to work as a professional beauty retoucher. Here I discuss the "Overlay Mode" technique as well as the "Curves" method of dodging and burning. The "Overlay" technique is faster and simpler to perform and setup than the Curves version as it only uses a single layer to perform both dodging and burning. The "Curves" method takes a few more seconds to prepare, but has a much better separation of the dodging and burning as they are performed on separate curve layers. This is NOT an in depth discussion about dodging and burning, but a simple comparison of the two most popular methods of using the technique. There will DEFINITELY be more in depth tutorials on the art of dodging and burning so stick around!