The Genesis Pro Membership

In the nearly two decades that I've been working as a professional retoucher & finishing artist I've had the pleasure of working with some truly amazing creative people. Art directors, world renown photographers, illustrators, designers and post production pioneers all had something amazing to share with me through their craft and through our combined efforts in pleasing our clients. These lessons were often times learned by making mistakes, but more often than not my mentors- my seniors- were there to lend their expertise and nudge me in the right direction allowing me to grow into the artist I soon became. Never giving the answers, but allowing me watch and to discover them on my own. Sharing concepts, theory and technique made the learning process interesting, palatable and quite valuable and it's because of these "lessons" that I've had the career success that I've enjoyed for so long. So, thanks to this new information age you won't have to sit behind a grumpy, old Wacom pusher and beg him or her for their secrets. You can sit back and watch a Pro-Torial and learn at your own pace.

With the Genesis Pro Membership you'll gain access to every Pro-torial and Case Study published on this site and it's all FREE!

ALL FREE! I'm finding it almost impossible to find the time to keep the tutorials in production... All to your benefit. For the time being, I'm allowing FREE access to all content. For those of you who have paid for the service, reach out to me directly.

Genesis Pro Membership Prerequisites
The primary tool used in each of the video tutorials and case studies is Photoshop CC (although any current version will be adequate). A working knowledge of Photoshop, it's tools and their settings are highly encouraged. The author utilizes Photoshop's layers, adjustment layers(curves, levels), selection tools(lasso, wand, quick selection), color tools(selective color, hue saturation, levels, curves),creative tools(air brush, clone stamp, patch), masks and actions during the retouching process. It is VERY important that you have a basic working knowledge of these materials and their adjustment parameters in order to follow along. We WILL NOT be teaching basic Photoshop skills!

  • Don Lagas,
    Sr Print Producer/Grey Advertising

    The flare, style and warmth of Conrad's personality make their way into the stunning beauty images he has produced for us at Grey. Delivering results, approachable and relevant pictures and reliability to our top clients.

  • Don Flood,
    Don Flood Photography/Fliepaper

    After nearly a decade of working together, Conrad is the only person I trust with my photography. His skin is the BEST in the business.

  • Arlette Madenlian,
    Creative Director/Arbonne International

    There are retouchers and the there's THE retoucher... Conrad is the modern day Michaelangelo! Genius!

  • Mike Lewicki,
    Sr Retoucher/P2Print NYC

    Conrad's technique and guidance really raised the bar for me early on in my retouching career. Learning from him allowed me to become the artist I've become. I don't think I'd be working on major ad campaigns today had I gone about this industry on my own.