The One-2-One Remote Sessions

Everybody's busy trying to get ahead these days. We're often requested to do more job for less money and sometimes we don't feel that we have the skills needed to perform those extra duties. This leaves our clients in search of new talent and possibly leaving you in a tight spot for work. Today's photographers MUST perform some kind of retouching on their images these days. Faster turnaround times and smaller budgets dictate that the client make requests of the photographer that used to be handled by a dedicated retoucher. Enter technology! With today's global economy, applications like FaceTime and Skype allow people to work, consult and learn remotely. I've recently started accepting requests from clients living in the US and abroad for private lessons via these remote conferencing applications. If you have a retouching issue and need it solved, but don't have any idea how to perform it then give us the chance to help SHOW you how to do it without having to travel or leave the comfort of your own studio. Contact us for pricing and time slot availability.

Sessions MUST be used within 1 year of purchase - Time slots are limited, scheduling is dependent upon instructor's availability

One-2-One Session Training Prerequisites & Requirements
  • Sessions are available to Genesis Pro Members ONLY!
  • You must be logged in to book your session(s)
  • High Speed Internet Connection
  • FaceTIme(Mac), or Skype(PC/Mac) Video Conferencing Software
  • Advanced knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and it's functionality
  • Advanced understanding of layers, adjustment layers(curves, levels), selection tools(lasso, wand, quick selection), color tools(curves, levels, selective color, hue saturation), creative tools(air brush, clone stamp, patch), masks, channels and actions.

Group Session Training

At the moment, time doesn't allow for a lot of online time. Between my very busy workload and the development of this site's curriculum, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. The Sessions training concept came about when several photographers began contacting me requesting personalized instruction- one on one private lessons. At first I could handle a few requests and the photographer and I would interact via Skype or in my studio in Los Angeles. Sadly, the requests started piling up and I just wasn't able to service my current commercial clients AND teach privately at the same time. We're currently working on a solution- On site group training sessions. Full day retouching seminars(on a first come first serve basis) instructed by myself will soon be available in the Los Angeles area. All those interested in hosting a training session can reach out to us for priceing, availability and rates. We're glad to help.

With the Sessions, we'll further explore the concepts offered here on the site in addition to diving head first into solving your own personal post productions issues and getting our hands dirty on many real world retouching road blocks that today's photographers deal with on a regular basis. Color Correction, Skin retouching, Masking, Compositing and whatever else comes up. Finding this kind of education from a working professional is almost impossible these days and for a good reason... We're busy working! With group sessions I can "kill many birds with a single rock" and my students will be able to walk away with a firm understanding of what the "real world" is all about.