The One-2-One Remote Sessions

With a 1 hour One-2-One Remote Session you'll be able to correspond directly with a ConradDigital instructor via remote internet conferencing software(i.e., Skype or FaceTime). For one full, uninterrupted hour you'll have your instructor's undivided attention. Bring your trickiest retouching challenge(s) and together you and your remote instructor will discover the proper technique needed to solve your imaging provlem! By appointment only.
Contact us if you have any questions prior to purchasing your Session. Now for the "fine print"...

  • You MUST be a Genesis Pro Member in order to purchase a One-2-One Remote Session
  • Current Genesis Pro Members MUST log in to their accounts in order to purchase Sessions
  • Time slots are limited and scheduling is dependent upon the availability of your instructor
  • You have exactly 1 year to complete your one hour session after booking
  • Full refunds only issued on unused packages. No partial refunds for unused packaged sessions

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With the Genesis Pro Membership you'll gain access to every Pro-torial and Case Study for a full year! You'll also be eligible to book a One-2-One Remote Session. Working industry pros will be authoring new content from time to time and new topics and solutions will be explored, broken down and demonstrated in easy to follow videos and case studies.

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